The Oneness of Words and Picture

christophe josse

In this illustration I’m bringing together the written word (designer Christophe Josse‘s name) and the painted image (my rendering of one of Mr. Josse’s creations). The challenge is to help the viewer fully immerse him- or herself into the totality of the picture. To not have to stop one process (seeing) in order to start another (reading) but to enjoy both experiences simultaneously.

Fashion’s Fountain of Youth

ilo vs

One of the advantages I have as an artist is that I can design a model’s face and body in an illustration to look any age or physical condition. Since fashion “is in essence an industry based on deception” and on promises that “if you wear this you will look better/cooler/thinner/taller/more powerful than you really are”, we’ve little recourse than to maintain the practice of illusion. The issues are consumers who desire (and will pay for) a certain appearance and the resources we have to work with: models (human beings) who, naturally, age.

Under-Age Models Return